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Pick Your Own Odds™

An exclusive feature offered by!

Have you ever wanted to pick your own odds? Well now you can, with’s amazing “Pick your Own Odds™” product. Simply select the odds you want and we’ll return a winning margin for your selection. If your horse wins by more than that margin, we pay you the dividend you chose!

You can also tell us the margin your selection will win by and we’ll give you dramatically better odds. Watch as your dividends increase enormously with every step in winning margin.

Try out this exclusive product available on Australian racing today!

Pick Your Own Odds™ is Patent Pending

Pick Your Own Odds™ on Australian Gallops

This great feature is available on selected Australian gallops races with fixed odds, look for the tab at the top of the race field.

Choose the Margin Your Selected Horse Will Win By

You can use the drop down menu that appears next to the current fixed price of the horse to select what margin you believe your selection will win by.

The minimum selection is to win by more than half a length and goes all the way up to a maximum of ten lengths.

Pick the Odds You Want

You can also select the exact odds you want for your selection. By scrolling through the odds, the margin your selection needs to win by will change automatically. This allows you to easily select the odds you want before you place your bet.

How a Pick Your Own Odds™ Bet is resulted

A 'Pick Your Own Odds™' bet is a winner if your chosen horse wins by more than the margin you selected. For example, if Black Caviar wins her next race by 2 lengths and you have selected more than 1 and a 1/2 lengths as the margin, you win and will be paid out within half an hour of the race being resulted.

If Black Caviar doesn’t win or wins by 1 and a 1/2 lengths or less, there is no return.

How it works

In this example, we are offering $5.00 fixed odds on a particular runner. If you want better odds, just select the odds you want. In this example, we'll pay you $9.50 if your runner can win by "More than 1 length".

Official results for Pick Your Own Odds™ are released approximately 30 minutes after each race.

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